Balance 2 Speeds

Hello, I just installed a Peplink Balance Two with dual wan connections (from hard line ISP’s). Connected directly to the Peplink showed combined download speed of 366mbps, upload of 90mbps. The router was then connected to an Airfiber 24x wireless link - the link is stable with 6x QUAM, data rates of 733mbps capable. results on the remote side of the link was limited to 13mbps down, but still showed the full 90mbps upload. However, when loading multiple streaming services the total speed coming thru router ( as reported by the Peplink) was reaching speeds up to 100mbps down. Is there a reason for the variation from local to remote sides, and is there any way to correct this so that speedtest results are more normalized? Thank-you

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How was it connected? Are you extending the LAN side of the balance two over the airfibre link? If so I assume that is as a layer 2 transparent bridge?

Hi, the Airfiber is connected on LAN port 4. The radios are just a transparent bridge I believe.

The balance two shouldn’t be able to tell there is a P2P bridge in play - even if it could there is no obvious reason or cause for the download bandwidth you mention in the Peplink world. Smells like traffic shaping / bandwidth user group management on the UBNT… any chance of that?

Hi Martin, I had just left the peplink in default setup other than applying the WAN connection types. And there is no shaping being done on the radios. However, as an after thought that should have been a before thought, I checked for firmware updates. Speedtest results are now showing the proper values on the remote side of the link.Thank-you for your assistance.

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