Balance 1350 PPPoE not connecting "no PPPoE service detected"


Were using a balance to connect to an ISP that uses PPPoE, connecting via a computer works fine, but connecting the cable to the balance never connects, it stays in “no PPPoE service detected”

We have tried:
Searching everywhere for a similar situation (only found balance 20 with similar issue)
Moving it to another WAN
Changing cables
Changing/manually setting Connection Speed
Changing/manually setting MTU
Changing/manually setting MSS
Changing/manually setting MAC Address (in case its being blacklisted)
Changing Firmware 8 to 7.1.2 and vice versa
Setting and removing the vlan option to default (1) and the vlan in the bridge device
Disabling WAN health check (yes were desperate)
and any and all possible combinations of the above

Again connecting using a PC works PERFECTLY, connecting a Balance One works PERFECTLY, or setting the modem back to router mode and receiving DHCP on that exact same WAN works also perfectly, carrier says its not even seeing login attempts coming from the B1350, so it must be something with the PPPoE service detection method on the B1350, this is the biggest national carrier in the country, so they have a very standard network, we’ve never had issues in the past until now, so we know its def something with the B1350, other PPPoE services on other customers work fine.

We’ve used this exact brand of modem on hundreds of installs with no issue on Balance Ones, 510s and 710s its the first time we try it on a 1350 but I don’t see why it would not work.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated, were at our wits end here


Please open a support ticket for support team to check. So far we don’t receive any case reported B1350 having similar issue. Support team may need to check from the device to confirm the issue.

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