Bahamas Aliv sim with Max T Cat 18?

I’m sailing around the Bahamas trying to work. I have a Max Transit Cat 18 and have gotten great results with BTC (up to 100gbs down) but their data plans only go up to 15gb at a time. I use 10 times that much per month so I have to constantly recharge. Aliv has a 200gb “unlimited” plan and I have heard they have good speed but my results around Marsh Harbor have been pretty spotty. I can connect and get around 20mbs for a while but then the data stops flowing despite having a strong connection to the tower. I have to reset the modem to get it moving again. If I am watching netflix or something similar, the data will continue through the show/movie.

Does anyone have experience with Aliv or have any settings I could tweak on that SIM card? I have it setup pretty “auto” right now but even with ttl 64 and their custom APN set, it seems to act the same.

It looks like either 8.1.2 firmware fixed this problem or the stars lined up to magically make the problems go away. Getting 108mbs/41mbs on Aliv consistently now.

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