Bad support from Peplink

Peplink has been dragging their feet on issuing an RMA for a faulty BR1-ENT modem? Does anyone else have this experience with their support?

It has been over a week since an RMA Request was submitted - the way they are handling the case almost makes the Cradlepoint subscription service worth it - at least Cradlepoint promptly handles support issues.

Hi there:

I apologize that things are taking longer than expected on your RMA. I can research things further if you like, I just need the ticket number.


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Ticket 20020151

Thanks for that. Let me do some digging and see what’s going on.


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Hi There:

We’ve reached out to our Partner Team that you’re working with to try and find out why things are taking longer than expected. We’ll follow-up once we get an update from their team.

Thanks for being patient,