Backing up Peplink LB

Hi hi

I’m managing a suite of Peplink LB ranging from 210, 305, 380, 580 to 1350.
The only standby unit i have is a LB_580.

In times of need, can I simply restore these unit’s configuration file into the standby LB_580?
What is the compatibility matrix here? What are my option(s) ?


Hi Anthony,

Saved configurations will only load into the same model device. In the case you need to use your B580 as backup you can open a support ticket to request conversion from lower model configurations to the B580. Unfortunately
converting downward is not so easy. Easily transferrable configurations is a good idea and I suggest making a request on the feature request forum which is monitored by the dev team.


Thanks for the reply Jonan

Currently under my care there’s almost like 30 to 40 units of variation of Peplink LB. And it’s still growing!!
It’s going to be tough and pain for the Peplink team to help me do the conversion all the time.

Definitely, I’ll be making the feature request.


Sorry. Last question.
Can a LB_305 configuration be loaded into a LB_380 ?
The feature request won’t be happening time any sooner.
Meanwhile I’ll be purchasing another unit of LB_380 to support the pools of LB_305 and LB_380.

We would need to convert the configuration for you.