Backing up and transferring user settings from one Balance 380 to another.

My original Balance 380 died. I would like to get the settings from my old Balance 380 and import those setting it in to my new Balance 380. Can I swap card or other?
I would appreciate help on this.

Hi Tom. Hopefully you have a back-up of the config file (done at System → Configuration → Download Active Configurations [sic]. If so, just import it into the new 380. If not I’m not sure there’s a good alternative (but I’d invite comments from others.) I do not believe a swap of the internal card will work.

Side note: It’s a good practice to make a back-up of the config each time you make a change in the router’s configuration. Peplink makes it really painless. (Sorry … You may not want to hear that … ;<) )

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You can’t swap the card. You might be able to pull the old device config from the card with some effort I’ve never tried but I think its encrypted on the desk.

If you were using InControl then your device config is automatically backed up to the cloud every time it changes so you could download from there.

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Thank you, both. I am older and not an IT guy at all. I had to fire our MSP and am now in the process of interviewing other MSPs to get a replacement. The problem is no one else seems to work with Peplinks. Our former MSP was suppose to have backups of everything, but they had nothing backed up. A week ago, we had a bad storm that knocked out the power. Even though I had everything on a battery backup with surge protection, our Peplink Balance 380 would not power back on. So, our websites and Internet connectivity have been down for a week now. I ordered a new Peplink Balance 380 an it came yesterday. I opened it up only to see everything has changed inside. I suppose I can order a power supply and see if that works to power on the old one. The power supply in the new one is different, of course. I cannot find what type of card is in the Peplink in any manual. It looks like a large SD card. Do you guys know?

So I swapped the card from my old Balance 380 to my new one. It powered on and worked just fine. I do have to upgrade the FW as it is of the 5.4 flavor. Thank again.


Thanks for that information, Tom. I’m surprised by this but it’s great to hear! Thanks for the update!

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Rick, I too was surprised. But, I had nothing to lose by giving it a shot. Can you tell me if I should upgrade the FW to the newest right away, or install FW updates in steps as they were released? Also, How do I find out the hardware version of my device so I know if I need to top out the FX at 6.3.4 or at 8.2.1?
Thank you.

Rick, just wanted to follow up with you to thank you. I was able to get in to the Peplink and backup the config file.


Excellent – TU for updating!