B30 - Giving priority over WAN2 to one client

Hi -

Using a Balance 30, with WANs 1&2 both on cable services, and WAN3 on standby. All connections are outbound (no net-facing servers).

We have one internal client that we’d like to give “right of way” over the available up/down bandwidth on one of the WANs, while allowing everyone else full access when this super-user isn’t active.

Is there a way to get there? Clients are all Macs in this shop, if that matters.


You have to create two outbound rules.

one for other computers as the source traffic and the priority algorithm with WAN1 and WAN2 on the top and WAN3 on bottom.

another rule for the super user pc as the source and using the enforced algorithm to the WAN3.

however WAN3 should not be in standby mode in any case.

this is my idea.

Thanks for responding. This is all new to me, so forgive my ignorance, but that isn’t enough information for me to proceed.

You say to create a rule for the other computers – do I have to identify every computer that needs to observe this rule (impossible), or can it be set as a default, or…?

A more detailed instruction would help a lot.

You require a Peplink Balance 380 or above that supports “User Groups Bandwidth Control” and allows the super user to utilize all bandwidth. For the rest of the clients, they will have lower priority or limit their bandwidth.