B20X virtual WAN

Can Max Transit CAT18 be used as “L2 Vlan Switch” feeding B20X virtual WAN as described here: Peplink | Pepwave - Forum ?

Hi Alexander, technically the 2 Ethernet ports of the MAX Transit CAT-18 can be configured as the L2 VLAN Switch port, but practically we do not recommend doing that as there is only 1 Ethernet to the ISP and another Ethernet to the B20X, which is better to connect directly from the ISP to the B20X.
Also using a router with 2 Ethernet port to emulate as a L2 VLAN switch is an expensive solution.

For sure you can configure VLANs on the LAN side of CAT18 and make those vlans available to a 20x via the single lan port!

@matthewl My guess at what @Alexander_Morgovsky is doing is using the cat18 as a cell modem to the b20x as it’s what he has laying around. So he likely wants to use it to connect one wired provider and the cell provider from the cat18 to a trunked connection to the b20x.

That is exactly what I’m planning to do, what do you guys think?

Should work fine just create the vlans / tag the ports on the transit accordingly

If throughput on the wired WAN is a concern then having it handled by a MAX transit will limit the throughput… Using the LAN ports as virtual LAN on the B20X might be better. This is the perfect use for a Duo… allowing the B20X to access both Cell links directly.

Not saying it won’t work, just that a direct connection is better than a remote relay unless necessary.