B20X - maximum concurrent VPN client question

If I create a star VPN architecture with a Balance 20x at the middle I so far believe that I can connect a maximum of 5 other Peplink routers to this hub. But, is it possible to also connect an L2TP connection as well? Or is there a 5 connection limit regardless of the connection protocol?

Another way to ask, how many and how do I achieve the maximum number of VPN clients with a Balance 20x? The intention is to tie 4 remote fixed locations together to the hub (which has the only static IP) and allow a couple of laptops to occasionally connect remotely as well.

I just went to check on the comparison page here Peplink.com - Model Comparison

The number of peers is 2/5 (i think that is 5 when it has an active primecare subscription.

The number Maximum PPTP/L2TP/OpenVPN Users is 15.

So you can support 5 remote sites over PepVPN/SpeedFusion and 15 software VPN users at the same time on a balance 20x

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“(i think that is 5 when it has an active primecare subscription.”

Exactly, we think it means 5. I wish there was more clarity with some of the numbers in the specifications list. There is an exclamation point after the 2/5 which suggests that I should find another exclamation point at the end of the page with notes but I don’t find that, or any of the other symbols used in the spec list at the end. But! I just discovered that those symbols have notes in the downloaded data sheet. It seems they are just missing from the website.

Thank you for the comment about the 15 users. I thought that perhaps maxing out the 5 peplink connections would undermine or limit the number of L2TP users.

So, I’m wondering about the WAN smoothing and bandwidth bonding. If I have a B20x for my hub, I expect that I will have to keep primecare current on it to support it’s function as a speedfusion hub for several nodes. But what if one of my nodes is using multiple WAN and I want to use bonding for it’s connection to my hub? Does that second device need to maintain a primecare subscription as well?

Click on “Remarks” at the bottom of the comparison table for a 20X. The exclamation “!” means it can support up to 5:

!, PepVPN/SpeedFusion Peers license, it can change the maximum number of PepVPN/SpeedFusion peer.
Balance 20X, PVN-LC-05. Up to 5 PepVPN/SpeedFusion peers.

You have to buy the license key to unlock 3 - 5 PepVPNs with the 20X: Peplink | Pepwave Online Shop

It’s my understanding that each device (B20X) you want to run Speedfusion on will need a Primecare license.

You cannot buy the PVN-LC-05 for the Balance 20X but you could for the Balance 20 classic.

A B20X with a valid PrimeCare subscription already supports 5 PepVPN peers. If you let it expire that will drop down to 2.

For the remote B20X’s you will definitely need to keep PrimeCare active if you want to do WAN Smoothing
or Bandwidth Bonding or even see them as online on InControl.

At $49 a year I am of the opinion that this is a great value!

You can’t buy PVN-LC-05 for the B20X? Hmmm. Shows it as a feature add-on here at the bottom: Peplink | Pepwave Online Shop

Did they change it?

Maybe they will sell you the PVN-LC-05 for $99 but I am saying why buy it when it is already included with the PrimeCare subscription? You can buy 2 years of PrimeCare for $98.

Its two different license types though, right? One is a perpetual yearly subscription whilst the other one unlocks the use of all 5 PepVPNs for a one time fee.

$49/year is a drop in the bucket and Primecare would probably be more beneficial anyway so long as one needs the Speedfusion.

It looks like Peplink has removed the PVN-LC-05 as an option on the B20X webpage now so it must have been a typo.

It still shows the PVN-LC-05 under the “Remarks” in the Comparison table for the B20X.

Regardless, I think I’d rather have the PrimeCare as you pointed out.