B20x managed by InControl not keeping newly added Exempted Subnets

Just noticed my B20x is not persisting new exempted subnets under content blocking whenever a new config is pushed down from InControl.

I do have an initial exception that was added before InControl2 management was turned on. That one persists.

Known issue or bug?

Running 8.1.2

I believe you are using Bulk Configurator from InControl2? If so, it is depending on the settings from the configuration file you uploaded into InControl2.

Hi @TK_Liew

No, didn’t use bulk configurator. Unless importing firewall rules from exported config when first setting up InControl is considered “bulk configuration”.

But the bulk configurator itself I never used.

Then, this is strange since Bulk Configurator is not using. I have no idea why the exempted subnets of Content Blocking are affected by InControl2. I did few tests here but was unable to reproduce the issue. Maybe you can help to open a ticket for us to take a look?