B20 - Two links on the same IP subnet

I am considering purchasing another line from an ISP I already use to augment my bandwidth throughput. Both lines would be on the same IP subnet. Would that cause any issue with load balancing on the B20?


This is no problem as long as they are not the same IP address in that subnet.

just my .02 – I have two links with the same provider. I have two wireless links that use different modems/dishes. Both links use the same default gateway. The default gateway mac addresses are different (because of different transmitter/receivers). One gateway assumes the address of the default gateway (really low latency to the gateway), while the other is a transparent bridge (higher latency to the gateway). The Balance software handles up to two different mac addresses for the same default gateway.

The overflow algorithm has worked the best for me as far as increasing capacity. You can drive yourself bonkers trying to route every type of traffic to maximize everything. Let it use the second link if the demand is high enough. Heck, I even get a discount on my second link because my ISP is cool and understands that I rarely use (other than game update release days)

Hope you enjoy your Balance!

This sounds very similar to what I am thinking of doing. I have a wireless link through Rise broadband and a viasat link. I like that I have 2 internet connections in case one fails. Both of these providers used to fail on a regular basis, but over the past 2 years I have had much better service from Rise with no outages after they did some major work on the equipment in their tower (and put in a generator!). I can save close to $100 a month by going to 2 connections to Rise and disconnecting the viasat. I would also be improving my throughput - so I am seriously considering doing this. Plus, in about 4 months I could justify a B1 core with my ISP savings :wink:

Thanks again for the great advice.