B20 HW5 high CPU after moving to 8.0.2

Hi community,

Moving from Firmware 6.3.3 to 8.0.2 make the balance unstable. It works really well with 6.3.3 but we need the ability to associate Remote User Access L2TP to a specific VLAN.

We manage to configure it all right but it begins to freeze by itself after less than one hour even without WAN balance. In this case the only solution we have is to reboot it by unplug.

Few questions :

  • is this normal? We have 15 users, 2 WAN, we use DHCP, DNS, we don’t use PepVPN, sometime L2TP (but it fails even without using it)? At the lowest it’s 40 and it keeps growing to 100 %.
  • could it be linked to configuration: if reconfigure it from factory default instead of using its inside configuration, could it be better?
  • any other ideas?

Also test on B20 HW4 and look even worst (but maybe it’s just feeling).

Best regards,

This would not be normal. Firmware 6.3.3 to 8.0.2 is a big jump so yes it could be related to configuration. You could try booting back to 6.3.3, then upgrade to 7.1.2 first. If everything is OK upgrade to 8.0.2 next to see if that helps.

This is on my todo, but all my tests to go to build 3575 since yesterday are unsuccessful through inControl or directly.

Looks like the firmware checksum fails after load. Is there a known issues? My filename is fw-b20_30-7.1.2-build3575.bin

I try previous ones.


That is the correct build. This might be a clue if the problem is only with the other flash bank.