B-One with prime care

Hi All,

AS B-One new come with two wan interfaces and also it has one year prime care, so can I activate the virtual wan on the device and connect 3 WANs?


Given you have a valid PrimeCare on your B One, you should have a Virtual WAN on VLAN available.

Reference - https://www.peplink.com/virtual-wan/


You may also want to consider using the USB port on the B One with an Ethernet adapter for an extra WAN port. It would be interesting to see if this has less CPU load on the B One than a Virtual WAN. The B One has a USB-C port which supports USB 3.0 which hopefully doesn’t restrict speeds like the older USB-A ports using USB 2.0.

@bashar What wans do you plan on connecting, what speed is each one?

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