B One (Pointing a WiFi address to a specific WAN)

I hope someone can guide me through this if it is possible. Currently I’'m using two internet providers connected to the B One. Currently both WAN’s are being load balanced at 10. ATT Uverse is connected to WAN #1 by ethernet. T-Mobile home internet is connected by WiFi WAN at 5 MHz. ATT is slow but reliable and usually get 18-25 speeds. T-Mobile is all over the place with 30-90 speeds. I want to force the WiFi address that my TV uses to WAN #1 to free up bandwidth on T-mobile for everything else. The TV WiFi address has a VLAN as well. Thanks in advance.

Create an outbound policy. Set it to priority, with WAN1 at the top of the list. Set source as the IP address of your TV (set a DHCP reservation for it after if needs be).

Thanks Martin! Looks OK?

Yup, that looks good. This way if WAN1 is not available the device will still connect via a different WAN - which is often what you need. If not. Remove all but WAN1 from the priority list and it will only ever go out via WAN1.

Thanks Martin! In checking the traffic on the WAN’s, I noticed that the TV WiFi (dedicated) is still using the WiFi Wan at 5mhz instead of WAN 1. I’m puzzled now.

Thank you for asking this question i am also facing the same problem .

After you apply the rule all new sessions should go via WAN1.
Existing sessions will stick to their current WAN until they drop and are restarted or unless you tick that ‘Terminate Sessions on Connection Recovery’ checkbox.

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Everything seems to be working now. Thanks again Martin!

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