B One Dual WAN Load Balance and Failover

Bought a B One for my home office. Need to set up multi WAN using Cox Cable 500MB connection and USB Tether to ATT NightHawk. Connected both, appear to be up and running. Need help getting configured.

Outbound policies define how your LAN-to-Internet traffic gets routed out to multiple WANs, supplementing or overriding the Priority grouping of WANs on the Dashboard. There are a number of different outbound policies. You are probably interested in Weighted to split traffic across your two WANs.

You want to make sure both of your WANs are grouped together as Priority 1 on the Dashboard. Priority 2 WANs will be standby unless all WANs in Priority 1 experience failure. The order of WANs within a Priority group (for instance Priority 1) defines which WAN is used unless the WAN has failed. This may involve setting “Independent from Backup WANs” for both WAN and USB on WAN configuration (it did on my Surf Soho, but wasn’t necessary on my Balance One - I don’t have a B One yet).

I personally use the Priority outbound policy to define which of my VLANs go to which of my two WANs. The Priority outbound rule allows you to set up a list of WANs to be used in order of priority in case of failure (“Priority” can refer to different things in different places). Just be aware that WANs in a Priority outbound rule should generally be in Dashboard Priority 1. This is because a WAN in the Priority outbound rule that specifies a WAN located in Dashboard Priority 2 are usually in standby and will not work for a Priority outbound rule unless all WANs in Dashboard Policy 1 have failed so that Priority 2 WANs are no longer standby. (Enforced outbound policy rules on the other hand will use a WAN in standby.)

Edit 2/25/24: Clarifications

I have the two WANs in Priority 1 and it appears that the lesser capable of the two WAN connections is receiving much less traffics based on the usage reports. The “automated” weighted operations seams to be working well enough.

I was looking for a way to manipulate the weighted settings, and set them how I prefer… example 75% of traffic on Priority WAN 1 and 25% of traffic on Priority USB WAN. But it appears that the automatically balanced weight is doing the trick as I monitor it.

I don’t necessarily care what VLAN goes to what WAN, as I do care about the amount of traffic on each WAN in general. Thanks for the responce.

P.S. I did set the Bandwidth Allowance Monitor and warnings, that is comforting.