AWS or something else

What are some other options besides using AWS for your cloud

For running your own FusionHub appliance? is great value. That’s what I use.

I’m sure Azure or Google Cloud offerings are more than capable, but you’ll end up paying more. All depends on what yoy plan to run in the cloud.

I also use Vultr and have zero complaints. Been great

is it cheaper then aws

I mean I’m paying under $6 a month for the plan I’m using…Vultr also let’s you upload your own ISO’s which is another reason I use them…

wow thats cheap i just got a bill for 83 from aws

which plan did you go with

+1 for Vultr. I’ve supported over 100 Fusionhubs for customers using hosting on Vultr. Its very good.
Close second is upcloud.


The main creator of the SelfHosted Podcast (Chris with the RV) has an episode with in the last year or so in which he describes his running own FusionHub appliance on Linode.

He bonds connections to multiple cell carriers at once.
Apparently it’s reliable to the point where he can record podcast episodes from a campsite with his co-host who’s located in another state and have what he describes as a very solid reliable connection.

Linode is a show sponsor of his, and they are a very powerful platform and have been in the Cloud business longer than AWS. They’re even their own ISP, which apparently adds to the speed.

They have a lot of flexibility, friendliness for beginners or non-professional developers too, they offer a free $100 credit for a month to check out their variety of platform offerings to listeners of any of his podcast shows. Go to the SelfHosted Podcast website and find the referral link if you’re interested in Linode.

edit: here’s the url: