Automatic restart to reestablish VPN tunnel

Hi all

I have a few Max Br units in my infrastructure, I was looking to see if there was a setting that I could use that would allow my device to detect that the vpn tunnel is down and then perform a restart. My issue has been that our provider is not always the most reliable and from time to time we would need to roll a truck to simply restart the modem after which services would be restored. If this could be automated it would save me both time and money

What type of tunnel?

If you can cope with 4-5mins out outage daily, you can set a timer to restart the BR1s every night which might help. At least it would recover units that have lost connectivity.

Bigger question is to root cause though…

Agree with Martin, we are interested in knowing the MAX BR1 units condition in such a situation. Do you think you can submit a support ticket here and include this thread in the ticket as a reference?