Automated Configuration Backup for Peplink

Our company deployed more than 20 units of Peplink at customer premises.
It would be great if there is a feature for automated configuration backup for peplink.
Is there any existing or other way to doing so?


This is done automatically if your devices managed by InControl2.

Hi Liew,

I have tried to add-in device into InControl2. But it seems I can only manually to download the device’s configuration.
Would you be able to advise more on this? Also, where does the configuration save? in cloud storage?


Every time you apply changes in the unit a back-up will be saved to IC2 automatically. Saved to our IC2 cloud.

Hi Jarid,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

When a Peplink fails on a customer site, how exactly do we take the config from IC2 backup, and place it on a new replacement device for pre-testing before sending it to the to the customer?


Please refer to the screen shot provided by Jarid above, select the date and click on the time. A configuration file will be download to your PC. You able to perform this action even the device is offline.