Auto-renewal of licenses

Peplink is a great company with great people. But sometimes great people make dumb-ass mistakes, just like the rest of us.
I have been asking for several years for auto-renewal option for things like incontrol. Now with primecare this is far more important. “Oh - but you get an email before it expires”.
a) I get about 500 emails a day
b) I have 1,000 peplink devices, adding 40-50 a month and pretty much all new devices are primecare (B20x).
This is going to become a serious problem very soon.

In addition…peplink is leaving a LOT of money on the table. This auto-renewal/auto-bill needs to be an option, so it can be turned off, but default should be that it is on.
If default is off, a lot of people will leave it off. Then, if you do not “need” primecare you will not renew it.
If the default is on, most people will leave it on. and even if you do not technically “need” primecare many people will leave it on and billing… How many subscriptions are there hitting YOUR account once a year and you go “Oh right…Do I need that?, whatever”.

Now, I would suggest that this be driven by IC2, and as with most things in IC2 be settable at the org, group and individual device level.
i.e. My entire org has auto-renew on, billed to account X
a group may have auto bill off or on, but billed to different account
And an individual device may have autobill on or off and billed to different account.

Also needs to be manageable via IC2 API. that is important.

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