Auto Power "ON"


I have a Peplink Balance 380 H.Rev:5 and when you give power to the unit you need to press the power switch to turn it “ON” is there a way to always have it “ON”.

The unit is suppose to go in a remote site with no tech on site, we have ups on it, but they run out sometimes.


Hi Simon,

We’ll look into having this “always ON” feature when we plan for the newer generation platform. Do you also prefer a “fanless” design or you don’t bother the fan too much?



I have no problem with the fan, but Is there any work around for the power switch?

The funny thing is when I ordered the units I receives a H.Rev:5 and H.Rev:3

The H.Rev:3 work perfect for “always ON” it has a hard switch, but not the H.Rev:5


The Peplink Balance 380 Hardware Rev 5 should keep the last state of power status. So if the unit is turned on, and after a AC power lost and then resumed, the unit will be turned on automatically.

If the unit is turned off, after a AC power lost and resumed, the unit will keep off.