Auto Ping Reboot

I would love if the devs could implement a reboot on failed ping feature that could run on the Transit or BR1 minis. I am finding that when these devices lose cellular, they have to rebooted to regain it - obviously these cant be rebooted via the portl if there is no cellular. A feature that could tell the device to ping a domain and reboot automatically after a set number of failed pings would save many in-person site visites.

What plan are you using? Does the smartcheck health check not work?

what is the root cause? why is the device losing cellular?

Assuming 110v power is available where your routers are set up, you can accomplish the desired task with this:

Yes would be nice to see this implemented in the router software but in the meantime these work well.

@Jacob_Seay, the idea sounds interesting, however, we are more interested in getting into the bottom of the reported symptom. Do you mind submitting a support ticket to let the team take a closer look at it?

I have submitted a ticket. After checking the logs, this is what i found “WAN: Cellular disconnected (WAN failed SmartCheck) in SIM slot A”

Failed Smartcheck

Just guessing this is still not a useable feature yet.