Auto Connect Pepwave VirtualCom Config


Is there a way to get the Pepwave Device Networking VirtualCOM Configuration software to auto connect on startup?


Can you elaborate more what do you mean by “auto connect on startup”?

Or can you tell us what do you intend to achieve?


I have the same requirement as jeff has asked for.
I guess he means that running the program for example in the startup of windows it will automatically connect to a given ip address.
Is there a way to do that? for example by adding some parameters like “C:\Program Files (x86)\com0com\PEPWAVE_VCOM.exe” - IP: - connect:auto


@Ben123, are you working on a solution to collect GPS info from Pepwave device ? GPS forwarding will help for your case ?


We feed the GPS information from the router into our device via ethernet, but need the signal to be on the COM port. This works fine, but after restarting our device it would be perfect to have everything working automatically again… any suggestions on this?
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Any reason why you not using GPS forwarding method instead of using the old VirtualCom method ?


I have maybe explained our situation a little bit misleading. We still want to feed the information into our device via ethernet, but the software we are using expects the signal to be on a com port. Therefor this switch between different ports has to be done on our device.
Maybe we can also solve the problem by using the ACW-411 for the MAX-BR1 Mini and also freeing a COM-port on our device (atm they are all occupied…).