Auto Backup Configuration via Email

I would like to suggest auto config backup send via email by schedule we fixed. We have 23 units from BPL710 until BPL310, some config we changed and forget to make a backup copy. Our cyberoam UTM having this feature and it make administrator safe.


Thank you for the feature request! Our InControl2 site does have auto-back up for configurations. Essentially every time you apply changes in the device, it will save a config to IC2:

Preferred to have another option, auto send via email. Imagine when PepLink is down and we need to swap with spare units and no internet access, how we can download the config from IC2?

Hi Steiven,

Thank you for your suggestion. Anyway we have no plan to implement this.

Cloud backup is a robust way to backup and save the config file. It is more flexible and can be access anyway.

Thank you.