Auth DNS setup help

I’m trying to set up an “A” record with a wildcard, and the system responds with “Invalid Host”

Our current DNS allows for * so it will resolve
“” or “”

I don’t want to have to abandon the peplinks because they won’t do a certain feature…

I had performed a quick test and it should work.

Wildcard A record

Test DNS query:

I appreciate the help - I’m sorry if it wasn’t clear - I have a host of I need to be able to create a catchall alias of * so that anything ending in gets resolved. There are a number of other host, so a single catch-all won’t work. Thank you for the response though!

Found you had opened a support ticket and support team will followup with your using support ticket. Suspect this is more to the configuration or the test method used that cause the wildcard records can’t be resolve.

I’ll post this in case it will help someone else in the future

I did have to create a second domain

Regular domain →
“A” record of ezproxy with a specific IP address

Second domain →
“A” record of * with specific IP address (same address as above)

I wish there was more documentation on the DNS features of the peplink – everything seems to be trial and error.
A more complete tutorial with real world examples would be very helpful.