Augmentation of Inter-Campus Wi-Fi connection - SpeedFusion Bonding with Wi-Fi, DSL, and 3G/4G LTE


  • A university has 2 campuses that are currently connected through a long-range point-to-point Wi-Fi bridge connection that provides a layer 2 bridge (both sites have the same subnet).
  • However, the Wi-Fi connections throughput and reliability is limited (and affected by the weather), so the organization would like to connect the two buildings using additional connections.


  • Throughput of the new connections need to be combined with the existing Wi-Fi connection.
  • If the Wi-Fi connection fails, the router needs to be able to switch to other connections while maintaining session integrity.
  • The same Layer 2 bridge with the same Subnet at both locations needs to be maintained.

Recommended Solution:

  • Add a Balance 210 to both locations and plug the existing Layer 2 Bridge into the WAN1 on both devices. Note: In the diagram we have changed the wifi links to Layer 3 mode to provide WAN1 on each balance with a DHCP IP from the bridge device at each location. This is not a requirement, so long as the WAN1 ports of both Balance devices can route to each other over the wifi bridge (with statically assigned Ips for example).
  • Install additional fixed line connectivity (or plug in a cellular dongle) to both locations and plug into the spare WAN ports.
  • Setup a Layer 2 SpeedFusion VPN between the two peplink Balance Devices.
  • Bandwidth of all connections is bonded into a single, high-bandwidth tunnel.

Devices Deployed: Balance 210 x 2

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