ATT Sim Stopped Working

Hi, I’ve been using an ATT sim from Never Throttled for a few weeks without issue. As of yesterday the sim is no longer connecting. The connection stays at “Obtaining IP Address” indefinitely. I have not used the data card very much at all; definitely less the 50GB over the last couple weeks.

I’ve tried changing all of the typical settings such as turning on roaming, changing network mode to auto or ATT, setting the APN to “broadband” manually and letting the router auto select. Nothing seems to be working.

The vendor says the sim is fine, but given that it was working for a couple weeks and now is not working I’m thinking ATT has deactivated. After persisting, Never Throttled says they are looking into this.

Is there anything else I should be checking? Also, is there any way to know that the sim is deactivated definitively?

One additional bit of info… I put the sim in an unlocked phone. The phone was not able to register on the ATT network which father makes me think that the sim is deactivated. However, I was able to pull up a browser and get a response from a google search. Pretty weird.

Please let me know what I should do to figure this out.

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You’ve taken all the logical steps you can, testing in a 3rd party device is usually the most conclusive test.

I don’t know much about Never Throttled, but there are many 3rd party resellers of carrier data plans who sound to be a bit of a moving target in terms of plan stability. I think this is the tradeoff with many of these services that offer more than the carriers directly.

Thank you @Travis

I’ll start the search for a new ATT option.

Lots of AT&T resellers had problems starting on New Year’s eve. Paul, the one I direct messaged you about a few weeks ago had it’s problems too starting on Jan 1st. I had the same as you’re seeing now. “Obtaining IP address”. They sent me a new SIM and it’s good again so I’m staying with them. I think they’re probably as good as any but the whole reseller business in the US is definitely full of confusion and dubious deals with few good options.

I’m hoping that maybe AT&T is clearing them out to make way for their own high volume plan but who knows.

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That would be nice. Finding a adequate plan has turned out to be quite difficult.

Not working in a phone could make sense. I have had data-only SIMs not work in phones, I take that as normal. I would get a spare/backup hotspot/mifi type device, and test in that, instead.

What peplink device do you have?

Have you rebooted the Peplink at all?

Tried turning off healthchecks?

Tried forcing bands one-by-one?

Tried a different location/cell tower?

Cell towers can have issues, its not uncommon.

What peplink device do you have? Max Transit Duo

Have you rebooted the Peplink at all? Yes

Tried turning off healthchecks? Yes

Tried forcing bands one-by-one? Not one by one, but I have changed from auto to custom and selected bands that worked previously.

Tried a different location/cell tower? No. I have an ATT phone which works fine. This device & sim also worked fine in the test location.