ATT prepaid tablet sim card from US not working in Canada

I have a MAX Transit with an ATT prepaid tablet sim card ($55 100gb plan that is supposed to include Canada) and it worked great in the US, but as soon as I drove into Canada with it 2 weeks ago, it connects to Rogers LTE-A and roaming, shows 4 bars, and has an IP, but I’m getting no internet. Ping to shows 100% loss.

I’m on Band 2 with RSSI: -75dBm which is not great, but my Verizon card is connected with useable speeds on Band 5 at RSSI: -72dBm.

My APN is still set to broadband (also tried NXTGENPHONE) and I’ve tried both auto and AT&T network modes. Health check is disabled, and roaming is checked and any countries selected to be able to connect to Rogers and get an IP.

I was getting this message on my browser after connecting, but nothing else:

Hi, it’s AT&T. It looks like you want to use international data but have none available. You may need to change to a plan that includes travel to Mexico & Canada or purchase a data add-on. To check your plan and manage your account, login to

I’ve been to my account on the prepaid website, but don’t see anything there helpful or any features to enable. This plan is supposed to work in Canada. What am I missing and any suggestions other than multiple torturous phone calls to clueless ATT or Rogers help desks?

Thanks for any help - this forum has been awesome getting me this far!

Hi Devin. Maybe someone else has as suggestion better than mine (which would be welcomed), but it sounds like a call to AT&T would be in order. (Yes, I know it will be a hateful experience.) If they promised you something they did not deliver only they can fix it – maybe.

Cellular data is the best thing since sliced bread – until it’s not. ;<(


There are 100gb tablet plans? Thats news to me. What plan do you have exactly?

I use to find the best plan at the time, and when i signed up a few months ago, 100gb for $55 was the promotion.

Before we came to Canada, I did a bit of research to verify my plan could be used in Canada, and everything pointed to yes.

Turns out, after talking on the phone with att that prepaid plans are NOT international.

But now I’m having problems with my Verizon sim, which was working perfectly here in Canada for 17 days. Then I called them to see about adding more data, or to see what my options were, and they changed something and from literally that minute on I have essentially no internet.

Speed tests show .01 Mbs if anything. I’m connected to the tower -with an IP - and can ping successfully. I’m telling them they’re throttling me, they’re saying contact peplink.

I’m in hell…

@Devin_Reilly, since you are in Canada and using prepaid anyway, why not just get a prepaid Canadian SIM card from Rogers, Telus, or someone else?

That is my next step.
I went to the Bell store and the guy said their sim cards only work on maybe 10% of routers.
Gonna check Telus next.

HOWEVER, if you thought data was expensive in the US, Canada is ridiculous.

Bell prepaid:
$60 CAD/month for 15gb
Telus prepaid:
$80 CAD/month for 50gb


you are still not sharing the exact name of the plan.

IIRC, prepaid AT&T plans do not include international.

and IIRC, there has never been a 100GB tablet plan.

can you cite where you saw there was international coverage?

Not sure of the name of the plan other than this screenshot of my account.

Thanks, OK they call it hotspot / tablet. it used to just say hotspot for me. yea, unfortunately very few plans include international. the mobley plan was one that did for $20/month! but it was post paid.