ATT Business Wireless Broadband plans with Max Transit Duo.

Our Cricket prepaid plan died, like many others, and we weren’t lucky enough to have ATT’s consumer prepaid plan support either of our IMEIs. I started looking into ATT’s Business Wireless Broadband and have come to the conclusion that it’s actually a much better fit for us!

We don’t need super-fast speeds (we’re often getting somewhere in the teens for mbps, occasionally below, occasionally in the 30s) - we use the data in a mobile office for voip calls, web use, and sometimes streaming (which we can do on a non ATT plan). We confirmed that VOIP use is allowed given the language on video is a bit contradictory. I’m a sole proprietor/freelancer, but my partner has a LLC so we’re good to go.

For $20 more a month than the consumer prepaid plans speeds are capped at 12mbps, but the first 75GB of data is ~standard postpaid priority, and from then on you have basically unlimited deprioritized priority 12mbps data (similar as a prepaid plan) and 10GB of on demand high priority! For CAT12 modem users that want more speed, the 25mbps plan would be around the higher end of what you’d be getting in most areas anyways, and is $100/mo with more standard priority and on demand high priority data.


info on Fast Track:


yes, I have posted that plan a few times here. That or VZW’s 150gb plan for $80 is the way to go I think for new service. Or get both carriers if you have dual modem. Its really a shame T-Mobiles only option is a 50GB plan. Does anyone even know what T-mobile’s business plans are?

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Interesting plans.
How do you use the fast track allowance?

Have you tried entering the IMEI here for the prepaid plan?

I think if it passes that first page you can sign up there with a blank SIM despite what other IMEI checkers o

FYI if you call them, use (855) 773-7578 and not +1 (877) 464-0951. The former gets you useful helpful people vs sales script readers that want all your info to sign an agreement then run a credit check before they’ll check your IMEI.

@mystery, TMO has a 100GB plan for $50 we’re using. Seemed worth bringing this up given ATT consumer plans are going away.

We don’t have VZN phone lines, so the 150GB plan is $110, and given only the first 50GB is prioritized we went with the 100GB for $90.

@aquablue the fast track pdf should explain it. There‘s a couple different ways it can go.

@tetranz I don’t have an ATT prepaid SIM # handy for that. I called their support line and they ran the IMEIs and said they weren’t supported.