ATM connectivity


Dear Peplink support team,
we want to use Peplink as ATM connectivity solution and GPS tracking for ATMs
also. but banks not accept the cloud-Based mange for GPS.
do you have a GPS software can be hosted in our server farm for managing?
do it support the different GPS tracker devices ?


All GPS enabled MAX devices can forward GPS data to a 3rd party tracking server. So yes you can host a GPS server in your cloud and redirect GPS data there.

Or you can host your own private InControl2 appliance in your datacenter.


kindly what do you main by InControl2 appliance?
is it a server i can buy from Peplink and install in my data center?and how can i buy?


InControl2 Virtual Appliance is your own private InControl2 installation. You can find the images and the installation guide here

For pricing you can contact your Peplink Reseller or Distributor.


thanks for your support, if i use MAX BR1 as GPS tracker for ATM (automatic teller machines) ,
could we add external battery as power supply because it requirement from the bank.


Yes you can use battery on the BR1


thanks for your support.
one more question, InControl2 Virtual Appliance can manages other GPS tracker devices. such as Liapac GPS and Teltonika GPS devices


No it can’t. InControl2 is just for Peplink/Pepwave devices.

If you just want private GPS tracking, consider using something opensource like