AT&T Unlimited Not Working on BR1 Max Pro 5G

Thank you for that, I actually saw the 2 SIMS in the details. So got it, it’s just a failover. I was hoping to separate devices on the cellular services, eg. kids on Verizon and work devices on T-Mobile. I’m starting to get the hang of this.

In the Dashboard, for BOTH cellular WANs, explicitly specify Carrier Selection = Manual (it’ll scan and let you select the carrier), everything else to AUTO as a start. You can do this even if they aren’t “connected.” I have had the problem with my ATT sim, the router insists that it’s a T-Mobile sim. In this case, it will sometimes connect but without internet service. If you explicitly specify the carrier for the sim/radio, at least you will know that it’s an ATT problem, or not.