AT&T gave me a “generic” hotspot IMEI for my MAX Transit 5G 🤠

I was in an AT&T store today to buy the pre-paid 100 GB per $55 a month data plan and because the pepwave max transit 5G isnt certified or registered in their system yet (I guess) my charm granted me the opportunity to use what the manager of the store referred to as a generic hotspot IMEI.

Perhaps this will be an interesting experiment on Deprioritization and throttling of data since AT&T will think that I’m using one of their hotspots versus the pepwave.

He said once the certification process is complete I can contact him and he can update the IMEI however I wonder if I should just forever keep the AT&T hotspot IMEI and never change it until I die.

And as you can probably tell I am quite new to all of this but excited to be experimenting with it.

It’s all very interesting to me seeing as I’ll be living full-time in a DIY camper van working remotely in and around national parks

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Awesome! Did it work as-expected in your device?

I’ll update asap, as soon as I got the plan I had to switch gears and I’m currently doubling the battery capacity in my van.

I’ll check tonight though and update.

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@erickufrin It is indeed working as expected.

I am currently on AT&T LTE with speeds of about 20 down and 20 up on both my laptop and phone. I’ve got a lot of times of day / towers to test ahead of me.


TMO is connected at 5G around 40-50 down and 10 up on computer and 100-130 down with 10 up on phone with multiple towers.


I am confused. So you changed the IMEI on your Peplink device? Or are you confusing SIM card with IMEI?

@mystery When activating the prepaid AT&T SIM card he used an AT&T hotspot IMEI (what I guess is an AT&T testing IMEI of sorts) because the Pepwave wasn’t registering in the system as a compatible device.

There was no changing of an IMEI on the Pepwave. Also to note when I activated my post-paid TMO SIM it recognized the device and works perfectly.

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What was the IMEI # used?