AT&T BLOCKING VPN/Citrix traffic!!

Pepwave Duo, updated to latest firmware.

  1. Renewed dormant pre-paid SIM to newer 100GB plan and Citrix Workspace is now being blocked!

  2. Signed up for post-paid “unlimited” BUSINESS plan, new SIM, SAME issue with Citrix, AND employer Windows VPN traffic is being blocked! On a “business” plan!

Anyone know a way around these issues? Looks like AT&T is divorcing Peplink!

Is there a way to reach Pepwave directly by phone? So far any issues I can only seem to find West Networks phone support, tier 1 only, not very good, and becomes an uninterested ticket manager with Peplink. Peplink ticket has been unanswered over 2 weeks.

*forum issues-cant post “reply” currently.
My Peplink ticket #21081015. West Networks has supposedly had a ticket open also approaching 2 weeks, no response.

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What peplink/pepwave device are you using?
What firmware version?
Have you tried changing the dns servers on the cellular wan to public dns servers from the att servers?
Are you using pepvpn, openvpn or ipsec, or something else?

Thats quite a broad statement to be making. I am running peplink devices on AT&T with always on VPN to Speedfusion hub and everything is functioning without issue.

Are you sure you don’t have something misconfigured?

Do a packet capture and diagnostics report, open peplink ticket, post ticket # here, and let us know what peplink says.

i updated the post. ill try changing dns. it is an employer vpn, accessed through a MSwindows configured network (thats probably not saying much either). If I connect to my Verizon hotspot I can browse our shared file server, vpn required. Citrix works fine.

that traffic is encapsulated in 443, unless they do packet inspection, something else is at play, use a cheap vpn, either on your endpoint, or get a openvpn license and define the ip of the gateway for work. I use a ATT mobley plan and use citrix all day every day with no vpn fwiw