Asus ai mesh system

Hello i have an asus ai mesh system that i deploy on film sets.

I want to put my balance 20x in front of it so that i can use house internet and my Verizon sim card to have a stable connection.

When I’ve plugged it in I’ve not had success. I assume i needed to whitelist the asus but could not figure out how to do it.

What level of stability are you after? Is that load balancing / failover from one to the other so you stay connected if one fails or do you want packet level resilience using speedfusion bonding?

What happened? Not much can go wrong - the only thing I’d check is that you don’t have the same subnet on the LAN of the 20X as you do on the LAN of the ASUS Mesh. Might be worth changing the 20X LAN IP / DHCP to something else and trying again.

Plugged what into what?

Did you plug the WAN port of the Asus into a LAN port of the Balance 20x? That should work other than the one issue Martin mentioned about having the same subnet in each.