Associate NIC with LAN/WAN

Where can I associate network interfaces with LAN or WAN? When I log in via console I only see WAN configuration an no mention of my LAN interface. I do see a tab for both WAN and LAN in the web interface but how and where are they associated with a specific interface? I added on a NIC after I first configured FusionHub but I can’t verify if it is connected and I think it must not be as I don’t seem to have LAN connectivity (from VPN side nor can I ping or access FusionHub web interface via LAN). I first did static config and nothing worked so i enabled DHCP as a test and it doesn’t seem to be picking up an address… makes me think this confirms it isn’t connected.

On the other hand, when doing a license check (which is why I added LAN interface to start with) it seemed like it did use the LAN. I am using VMware.

I am about to recreate the whole thing starting with a 2 NIC configuration to see if it works on setup but was hoping there was another way so want to check with you all.

The first network adapter will be assigned to WAN, the second one will be LAN. Make sure you are using “vmxnet3” for both adapters.

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