Assigning a Static IP for two MAC addresses (Wired/Wireless)


I have a Peplink Balance 580, firmware version 7.0

I have group of clients arriving on our research vessel, and I just received a list of their MAC addresses.

They are requesting the same DHCP reservation for both their wired and wireless MAC addresses. This will be a first for me. I usually, just assign the static IPs by going to the:

-Network Tab at the top
-Network Settings
-DHCP Reservation Options

Obviously, this will be a special case. Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction.

Thank you,

Marshall Kormanec
Marine Technician
R/V Pelican

8.0 firmware added grouped networks so you could use two DHCP reservations assigning them to a group for simple firewall and outbound policy rules.


Thank you Ron, I will upgrade as soon as I get to a terrestrial connection.


Hi Ron,

I took your advice and upgraded the firmware to 8.0. I’ve created a grouped network with the computers I need to have multiple MAC addresses. However, I haven’t seen an option to enter the multiple MAC addresses.

I went back into Network Settings, DHCP reservations, but I’m still getting the warning message.

What step I am missing?


You can have a separate DHCP reservation for both wired and wireless MAC addresses. Now add the two unique IP addresses to a group and you can treat that group as a single user for outbound policy and firewall rules.

Does this help for your research vessel?

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Thanks Ron, I see the direction you’re heading in.

Our situation is a little different, we have several computers that will be dedicated to a certain operations . The IP address needs to remain static when they switch between their wireless and wired connections (which have two different MAC addresses).

These folks haven’t arrived yet to the research vessel, but as I understand, it they will be hosting a domain, and an internal DNS server, and a connection to the internet.

Any thoughts, and thank you!