Assign Static IP to SD Switch

SD Switch running 1.1.2 Build 191. I need to assign static IP VLAN address to switch but can not find way to override DHCP configuration either Incontrol or Web Administration. Network option not present at InControl and Web Administration not having option. Any help appreciated.

Hi Dllamas,

You could try to set a DHCP reservation using the mac address of the switch. Using the DHCP of the Vlan on the balance. Hope this helps out.

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Thanks Wouter,

However problem seems to be more in the structure of how to configure the switch. Attached image there is no option for configuring static IP Address to SD Switch:

Checking switch configuration it shows IP address is acquired by DHCP:

Network contains several switches.

Lets hope the option you are looking for is on there roadmap. Could someone from the Peplink team comment on this?