Assign "static" ip to peplink AP

Currently running and managing two AP AC Minis through a Balance One Core and the AP Controller within. The AP’s are currently getting ip addresses within the LAN from DHPC. Is it necessary or even a good idea to make the LAN IP addresses of the AP’s static? If so, is the DHCP reservation feature the way to do it? Any samples of such or other way to give the AP’s static addresses appreciated. Thank you!

Not necessary, not a bad idea for troubleshooting if needed I suppose. In my world, we like to keep deployments as similar as possible so APs are in the same range, IP cameras in the same IP ranges, etc
At home or on a single site deployment its not a requirement in my opinion.

Yes it is the easiest way.
Otherwise you’ll notice that by default the DHCP range on a Peplink device starts at ‘.10’ - the other way is to statically assign IP addresses to your APs outside of the DHCP range (ie .2-.9), but I can’t think of a good reason to do that.

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