Assign static ip help

I have a surf soho MK3; the manual is kind of confusing on setting a static ip. Do I need to establish a subnet ? Do I need to establish a “Reservation” ? … or just do nothing on the router and make a static ip (that is out side the Router’s Dynamic Assignment Range) on the device ?


Terminology: a static IP is called DHCP Reservation
You do not need to establish a new subnet.
Static IPs can be assigned in both the untagged LAN and/or in a VLAN

Clickpath in firmware 7: Network → Network Settings. In the LAN section, click on either the untagged LAN or a VLAN. In the LAN settings, DHCP reservation is at the bottom. If the device has recently connected, you can get the MAC address from the Client List and copy/paste it into the DHCP reservation.

One wrinkle to be aware of is that Windows 10 and Android (and maybe other OSs too) are now starting to randomize MAC addresses.

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Thanks very much ! That resolves my question. So, the Reserved (static ) IP will be an IP from the DHCP Assigned Group".

Hi curt. If you go to the STATUS screen on the web admin app and click on CLIENT LIST, you can make any connected device’s curent ip address static by clicking on the tag logo at the end of the entry.

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rmcu10, Thanks for the tip !