Assgning VLAN to a LAN on Surf Soho Firmware 8?


Can anyone help me with how to assign one of the Ethernet LAN ports to one of my VLANs to isolate its connection? I dont trust the security of the device that I’ve had to connect to that LAN port so want to keep it away from the rest of the network.

I found a great how to guide online but that was for an earlier Firmware and the options to do it are missing on version 8.1.1 that I have. (Selecting the Port Type and VLAN in Port Settings).


Hi PeplinkUser20,

If you already have the VLAN ready, I think you need to apply changes to your device, once you do it in the same menu that you show us in the image it will change and let you choose between trunk and access, there you can choose access and the VLAN that you will assign to the port. In this link you can better understand how it works, although it is from a previous firmware the options are the same.

Assigning a VLAN to a LAN Port

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Hi PeplinkUser20,

I want to clarify the idea a little better, in the following image you will see several subnets with their VLAN, do not forget to disable the InterVLAN Routing option if you want to isolate that VLAN.

Once you have defined the VLANs, the port configuration option changes and you can select the configuration of your port, to use a single VLAN you must select the port as access and the VLAN you need.


THANK YOU! I really appreciate you taking the time to help me!
Your great advice has helped me resolve the issue!

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