Ask How to dns autofailover

Hi All

I have some problem about dns autofailover. i have 2 isp and i have mail server in my network. if isp A down can mail server migrate to another ISP

here we capture topologi. is anyone implement this dns autofailover please share it will be greatfull



Hi Tri,
It’s quite nice Inbound Load Balancing functionality that you can rely on Peplink’s Balance.
For more detailed, visit demo page at You can see what could and should be done.
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We’ve got quite a lot cases that provide 100% uptime for enterprises with 500-1000+ mailboxes/users.

Hi Tri:
1- Under your DNS Server: Create a new MX record (say Assign it preference 20 (less preferred so it will be used only if the first ISP is down).
2- On the peplink configure NAT mapping between your mail server address and the two ISP addresses (you have to reserve on address from the new ISP range for the mail server).
3- Make sure the new ISP creates a PTR record for your chosen mail server address.
4- If you are using Web Mail publishing along with SMTP, then you need to configure DNS on the peplink as well (refer to peplink knowledge base for more information)