Array real-time data transfer graphs horizontally instead of just vertically

It would be nice if the graphs in
Status → Usage Reports → Real-Time
could array horizontally instead of being displayed in a single column. The objective is to be able to see all graphs on a screen at the same time. For example:

Even with a portrait mode display I can’t see all 8-15 WAN graphs without scrolling.
If I change the zoom scale on the browser, I can view all graphs at once:

So while I can see what’s going on across the board, there is tons of wasted screen space, and text is hard to read.
It would be nice if the graphs would show in multiple columns like this mock up:

I’m not a UI person, so I don’t know if this should add columns by window width automatically, or have a drop down to specify the number of columns or what. I also added a coloured background to the aggregate graph so it stands out from the rest, as it is important to know it’s different from the other graphs.
Thanks for your time and consideration.

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