Are there specific router settings needed

My download speed has dropped in half and my upload is higher than download. I have Verizon and att I have the max transit duo

Going to need more info.

  1. Are you load balancing or bonding?
  2. What are your speed results per modem when tested individually?
  3. If bonding - post the speedfusion status graphs when you run a speedtest.

Load balancing. I typically get similar results with both carriers one on cellular 1 and other on cellular 2. Results are typically 5 download and 20 upload. When I first installed I was getting 35 to 40 download

Whenever I’ve seen upload perform higher than download in the past it was usually in high contention areas.
As you can imagine download tends to get hammered most by end users - upload less so, naturally then, the ISPs will allocate more resources to download than upload.

So if your upload is higher that means the mobile network is running out of download bandwidth - likely because of congestion.

The only other time I have seen this was when I had a very busy office running on 4G. Usage was heavy and I assume because of that the ISP seemed to be traffic shaping us. A cellular module reset (forcing the modem to disconnect and reconnect) seemed to fix that temporarily.

What happens if you reboot? And what happens if you speedtest either very early or very late?

Ok thanks. I’ve tested this at 12 am before and is typically worse and gets some better around 8 am right at the time att customer service comes online. Coincidence Im not convinced