Are speedfusion/pepvpn parameters set on initiating side or both sides?

With the following setup not using incontrol to setup the speedfusion tunnel but setting it up manually:

Balance (dynamic IPs) - speedfusion - FusionHub (static IP)

(where the balance has the FusionHub’s IP entered as the remote, and the FusionHub does not have the Balance’s IP set as the remote since the Balance is on dynamic IPs)

Do speedfusion parameters such as FEC have to be set on both the Balance and the FusionHub to match, or only on the Balance since it always will initiate the connection?

Or does FEC checked on the Balance mean FEC is enabled for packets sent from the Balance to the Fusionhub (upload from balance) and FEC checked on the Fusionhub mean FEC is enabled for packets sent from the FusionHub to the Balance (download to the Balance)

Depends on the setting. In the case of FEC, your third scenario is correct.

A check is made that the remote device knows how to decode the additional data, but each sender is configured independently whether to send the additional data, and at what redundancy level.


Thanks very much. That makes sense. Thanks!

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