Approved for UK Public Safety

Approved for UK Public Safety

Peplink has three routers certified for use in UK’s Emergency Services Network (ESN): the HD2 MBX, the HD4 MBX and the BR1 ESN. These routers have been approved for use in the country’s fleet of first responders and emergency service vehicles.

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Hi Cassy,

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Would you know which cellular modem is used in the BR1 ESN please? Also, do these devices need special firmware to connect to the ESN network, or is the firmware standard GA?



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Is the ESN network operates exclusively on the EE network?


Does that mean the ESN network only works on an EE SIM (if we are using a cellular connection)?

EE Commercial SIMs won’t work, specific ESN SIMs are required. Although the same radio infrastructure is used, the traffic from the ESN SIMs is routed to a different core.


We now understand that ESN is EE only and will require a specific EE SIM but does this mean that the BR1 ESN, HD2 MBX and HD4 MBX which are ESN certified will only work with EE ESN SIM or that they will also work with them along with all other UK MNOs?

These products will also work with other UK MNOs. The support of ESN (on EE) is an additional feature available to and certified on these three models.