Application Blocking TeamViewer Without Success

I tried to block teamviewer with application blocking without success. It’s still possible to open a TeamViewer session. The service under active sessions is http.


Router B30 with latest firmware.

Hi Silas. Not sure this will help but it may be worth a try. We have a customer who needs to direct TeamViewer to a specific WAN to keep TV happy and avoid accusations to “business use.” (TV does not like to see frequently changing IP addresses on the client side.) We added the following rule to outbound policy which accomplishes this.

My suggestion is either to use OBP to direct comms using this port to a non-existent WAN or to block it using the firewall. Should work – unless the wiley TV changes ports if one is blocked. We have not had the need to test that.

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Hi Rick, this is a nice idea to enforce to a specific WAN. I will test this.