AppleTV / AP One Mini WiFi slow after Sleep

This could have nothing to do with Peplink at all but I’m posting it just in case.

I have an AppleTV which connects to a Pepwave AP One Mini on a 5GHz channel located about 4 feet away from it. Works great. Except for a pattern I’ve noticed.

  1. The AppleTV is not used for a number of days. I believe it goes into a lower power sleep mode, but never turns off, since it functions as my HomeKit hub.
  2. Upon next use of the AppleTV, it wakes up normally.
  3. However, it’s only able to pull about 1mbps or less over WiFi.
  4. Reboot the AppleTV and the WiFi speed is again back to normal (about 300mbps)

When it’s slow, I can check the AP diagnostics and everything looks normal (the AppleTV is on the correct 5G channel, good signal strength etc).

It sounds similar to Apple TV WiFi goes super slow requiring reboot | MacRumors Forums

Google Mesh point AP also having the similar problem. Look like it really not not related to the APs. Do you talk to Apple Support for the issue ?

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Apple does weird stuff with their networking. I have seen apple TVs “give” their mac addresses to other devices when they are put to sleep.

That being said, do you have other access points broadcasting that same SSID? If so, the apple TV may be connecting to the wrong access point. I have seen mine do this a couple of times. Even though there is an AP 4 feet away, it will try to connect to one that is 40 feet away. It is almost like it reaches some kind of packet retransmission limit and refuses to go back to the AP with higher signal strength.

If you do have multiple access points, you could try to power off the AP farthest away and see if the performance increases on the apple TV when it goes offline.

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I do run 3 AP Ones in a roaming configuration (same SSID, different channels) so that’s a good theory. However, whent it’s running slow, I’ve check the AP diagnostics and everything looks normal: the AppleTV is on the correct 5G channel on the closest router with excellent signal strength.

These are truly shots in the dark…
Do you have static channels defined on your APs? excessive channel hopping could be causing issues - maybe?
Static IPs defined on the apple TVs? My apple TVs work better with static IPs as opposed to DHCP - no telling why.
Same security settings on all APs? I goofed and had one of my three APs set for WPA/WPA2 Personal instead of just WPA2 Personal. This caused all kinds of fun little errors.

You could try to run an ethernet cable to see if the issue goes away. not that it helps figure out why the wifi is acting dumb; but at least the stupid Apple TV will be useable. Good luck buddy –

Honestly, I have a feeling it is just an apple bug (one of many on these 4K apple TVs).

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