Apple tv air play


Hi, i have apple tv on my network and WAP4410N Wireless-N Access Point, i am unable to do airplay. it was fine before if i remove peplink balance 20 its works stright way. is there any ports need to be open in peplink, please advice.


Hi mub786,

Here is a nice link to apple that shows ports used for popular applications they offer.



Hi Mike, Thanks for info can you guide how to open ports in peplink 20


Hi mub786, When on the interface of your Peplink Balance 20 click on the Network tab. On the left hand side you will see Inbound Access - Port Forwarding. This will allow you to create multiple port forwarding rules for your Apple applications.



For my understanding, the Airplay is expected to work with the Apple devices within same subnet. And if both Apple devices (including Apple TV) in same subnet, the Internet gateway with NAT such as Peplink Balance will not affect the Airplay.

Is there any other different after you put in the Peplink Balance? For example, any changes on the access point such as enable multicast filter etc?