APoneACmini mounting orientation

My site has 3 levels and is laid out horizontally wide enough to require 3 APs to cover. I have the APs laying flat but was considering mounting them vertically. Do they broadcast and receive equally in both planes?

Please refer to the radiation pattern below.

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I am getting an error referencing the radiation pattern. Says I don’t have access.

Here you go.

radiation_patterns_apo_ac_mini.pdf (198.4 KB)

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Wow! Are you folks using an isotropic antenna?

This is valuable information. The pattern is greatly different than we had expected!


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AP One AC Mini is using inbuilt Omni Directional antenna.

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@TK_Liew This is great, thank you so much for these pattern plots! Awesome service I must say! Can you tell me for the AC_Mini horizontal plots what the side with the ethernet and power port is? This is important, as one side has a big null at about 95 degrees.

@barthold, here you go.


Awesome, thank you!

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