I have a peplink 380 and 580. There seems to be enough features in these boxes to be used as my main Gateway server, but I need the ability to change the firewall from my web server. Is there currently an API available that would allow this?

Thanks for the feature request, I do know that API functionality has been in the works for a while with the Engineering Team. This would be coming out in a future firmware update hopefully sooner than later.

Once we get some harder schedules for a possible feature release, we will make sure to announce accordingly.

So you don’t have any ETA on something like this? We need to upgrade our firewall right away, and the system we pick in the next month will probably be what we stick with for the next 3 years or more. Thanks for your help.

Hi Elton,

Not a direct timeline, no. It comes down to how easily the Engineers can implement the feature. If they can get things working, there would definitely be an announcement.

Yes I would very much like API functionality too :slight_smile:

Guys, please let us what you would like us to offer on the API. We can put them into higher priorities to make you happy. :slight_smile:

Personally (as a start) I would like the following in order of importance to me:

  • Enable/disable existing outbound policy rules
  • Enable/disable existing inbound/outbound firewall rules

As you can probably guess I’d love to see a lot more too :-), like…

  • Disconnect/connect WAN interfaces
  • Status reporting (system health, links etc)
  • Addition/deletion/reordering of outbound policy & firewall rules etc

I second the request of Healthy65 above. Having the ability to control those settings mentioned above are the most important ones for me too.

Regards rossh

Along with what Healthy65 said, I would like to be able to control the ip addresses in my User Groups. That way I can populate the User Groups from my billing database. I would definitely purchase a few additional Peplinks if we could get this ability. Just throwing out the carrot :slight_smile:

We hear you all. Our developers are working on getting you these APIs. Stay tuned. :slight_smile:

How long do we need to stay tuned for :slight_smile:

It’s not too far away. :slight_smile: Have you sign up as a beta tester of our firmware?

We’ll send you an API supported beta firmware when it is available in the next few weeks.

Alex, that’s great to hear thanks :slight_smile:
Yup, I’m signed-up to the Beta program.

How do I sign up for the Beta Forum? I would like to test the API as soon as possible.

A very useful feature to have is the ability to lock and unlock a mac address for internet access.

It is very useful for, eg customers - like me, who use to balance Peplink Internet links and then distribute to your users (selling broadband) can use the api to unlock and lock users.


Hi friends, we will soon open a beta forum here and invite our beta community to join. The forum will provide a much better place to share and discuss ideas. If you’re already a beta team member, you will receive an email from us soon with the details.

Thank you.

What about an API (or even standalone software) for the Pepwave AP One 300M to allow the creation of guest accounts quickly and easily?
We’re trying to add wireless access to the list of things we offer. As it stands you have to log in to InControl to create temporary guest accounts. I need a way to automate it.

Any news, its been quite a while :slight_smile:

Hi Heathy65, I have pm’d you. Please check.