Api to know reboot history/events

I was looking for an API to know how many times a device rebooted.


this API does tell me how many times the device was rebooted via Web.
keyword=offline would tell me how many times a device went online and offline.

  1. what happens if the device gets rebooted for some other reason, by itself, do you log that even as well.
  2. if offline for a day, how many times you log it as offline? only once or u periodically log it as offline, the reason I’m asking this is, I’m planning to parse these offline/online in my app. ex: no off offline/online = no of reboots. does it make sense


  1. Not all reboot reasons can be logged. E.g. power cycling. (You might want to search for “Started up” instead. It is always available on system start-up)

  2. Normally, one online is always found between two offlines. Also, one offline is always found bteween two online. I.e. an offline is just logged once no matter how long a device went offline.
    “Device offline” signifies IC2 has not received any data from the device for more than 3 minutes. A device could be offline because of poor Internet connectivity while the device has not been rebooted. A device could also remain online after a reboot as long as the reboot did not last for more than 3 minutes.
    FYI, the endpoint /rest/o/{organization_id}/g/{group_id}/d/{device_id}/online_history could return a device’s online and offline history. You don’t need to walk through the event log.

I was going through an even logs device id is 43, I don’t see Started up.
it was shut down for a while and started a couple of hours ago. why am I not able to find Started up.

You may DM me how you make the API call and let me check. I tried the keyword “Started up” and it does work for me.